About Us

in-Terra was founded in 2009 in Valais, Switzerland, pioneering the field of UAV surveying. Since then the company has evolved and offers today a wide range of georelated services.

Our goal is to deliver to our customers affordable products and services, based on cuttingedge technologies and guided by highest Swiss quality standards. Together with our longterm partners from the civil engineering, geoscience, construction and filming industry we can provide our customers tailored turnkey solutions.

The company consists of a multidisciplinary core team and a network of freelancer specialists.

Our Partners

Some of our customers

  • We move to Technopole Sierre

    We are very happy to move to our new office in the Technopole in Sierre. Surrounded by numerous technology companies this is the perfect location for new innovations.

  • Foundation of in-Terra

    After 4 years of research and development in-Terra ltd. is founded. At this time we are probably one of the worldwide first companies that introduces UAV surveying and imaging at a professional level.   

  • First drone flight

    On this sunny saturday afternoon our first, fixed wing model airplane, equipped with a camera takes off. At this time, I couldn't imaginge where this technology could lead, nor had I somebody to share my excitement about the first aerial images.