geospatial engineering

Standard GIS analysis and CAD engineering are part of our daily business. But we don't stop there.
We develop for our customers industry specific Web-GIS solutions. This allows you to store, retrieve and analyse your geodata from different projects via a single data platform. Don't worry about how to bring your dwg's, shp, tiff, ecw, pdf from different sources and projections into the system. We take care of this process.  
Together with the Web-GIS application go our geodata storage plans. Depending on your needs our data center offers hosting plans that ranges from a shared server with some 10's of GB storage and ends with an independent dedicated server ecosystem with multiple TB's of space.

img_Web GIS


We develop custom web GIS solutions that go beyond simple map displaying and that provide you fast and easy way to visualize, manage and analyse your geodata.

✓ data visualisation and analysis, geotoolset
✓ point cloud visualisation
✓ OGC standards

img_Real-time web applications

Real-time web applications

Real-time web applications are based on different sensors integration and it ranges from different measurement sensors to location based services and real-time tracking.

img_3D city modeling

3D city modeling


img_Geodata hosting

Geodata hosting

Hosting services for different type of geodata.