remote sensing & surveying

For topographical mapping and orthophoto generation in-Terra uses a fleet of advanced fixedwing and multicopter minidrones, so-called unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Simultanously we are equipped with terrestrial surveyor GPS and total stations.

Our state-of-the-art photogrammetry, GIS, CAD and modeling software allows us to cover wholesale surveying cycles from terrestrial and aerial field work to GIS analysis and refined endproducts. Our geoprofessionals propose comprising solutions, that are ideally adapted to your requirements. This essentially differs from some simple, fully-automatic and contextless drone survey output.


Our drones can as well be equipped with filming and photo cameras. Through the collaboration with our partner alpage production you will get the complete audiovisual experience.





An orthophoto is an aerial photograph that is geometrically corrected for topographic relief, lens distortion and camera tilt. Through georeferencing and scaling it is ready to import into GIS and CAD software.

  ✓ resolution: 2 to 10 cm
  ✓ format: geotiff, ecw, kml
  ✓ georeferenced by precision ground control points

img_Digital Elevation Model (DEM) & Hillshading

Digital Elevation Model (DEM) & Hillshading

A Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is a representation of the earth surface as a regular grid of squares with elevation values. It can include buildings or be bare earth surface only.

  ✓ resolution: 10 to 100 cm
  ✓ format: geotiff, esri asc, xyz, dxf
  ✓ cleaned from vegetation, option: breaklines & roofs

img_Contour lines

Contour lines

Contour lines are lines of equal elevation. It's an alternative way to a DEM to represent the terrain surface. The lightweight vector lines ideally suited for CAD applications.

   ✓ equidistance: 10 cm to 100 cm
   ✓ format: shp, dwg, dxf, kml
   ✓ overhanging contours for steep rock slopes on demand



A cross section is the intersection between a 3-dimensional (terrain) surface and a vertical plane. This type of 2D representation is widely used in engineering projects.

  ✓ customized intervals & directions, alignment to axis
  ✓ format: dwg, dxf, shp
  ✓ multiple surfaces & planimetric areas

img_Volume calculation

Volume calculation

Volume calculation is a key factor in construction, mining and environmental industries. But it's not just about subtracting two surfaces, it requires a vast experience in engineering and geotechnics. We bring together todays most advanced drone surveys and the specialist know-how, that's why we excel!

  ✓ stockpile, dam, excavation and water body volumetrics
  ✓ break-up factors, complex geometry consideration

img_Deformation Survey

Deformation Survey

To monitor land- and rockslides as well as the stability of construction pits we dispose of surveyor GNSS/GPS devices, total stations and laser distance meters. But numbers alone won't help you; with our experience we provide specialist know-how for data interpretation.

  ✓ mm to cm-accuracy deformation surveys
  ✓ format: xyz, time series graph, webbased access

img_Road damage assessment

Road damage assessment

A photographic documentation of the state of a road is often used as proof of possible damage claims related to construction activity. This task we solve by low altitude drone imagery. 

  ✓ detection of cracks down to subcentimeter level
  ✓ georeferenced orthophoto of the road
  ✓ image comparison between multiple stages

img_Terrestrial surveys

Terrestrial surveys

GNSS + Total station

- breakline & single point surveys

- cm level accuracy

- underground excavation surveys

img_Aerial photography

Aerial photography

Our GPS and gimbal stabilized multicopter platforms allow unique aerial stills.

 ✓ high definition aerial photography
 ✓ customer chosen, unique perspectives
 ✓ aerial 360° panoramas
 ✓ live video downlink preview

img_Aerial filming

Aerial filming