We combine expert know-how ranging from geology, surveying, software development to robotics.

You get the leading-edge solution, tailored to your specific problem.

Surveying and sensing

  • 3D mapping with drones for orthophoto and elevation model creation
  • Terrestrial surveying with GPS and total stations
  • Multispectral, drone-based surface and vegetation mapping
  • Stockpile volume calculations
  • Time mass balance calculations
  • Planning of infrastructure works
  • Sensor-based geomonitoring of construction sites, natural hazards and mines
  • Automated monitoring (aerial images, volumes) of construction sites with drones + terrestial sensors
  • Remote monitoring of infrastructure
  • GPS-tracking of moving objects and persons
  • Automated object counting
  • Optical change detection
  • Aerial photography
  • Aerial filming
  • 3D animation & modeling
  • Virtual reality

Geology and natural hazards

  • Engineering geology
  • Subsoil investigation, drilling campaigns
  • Geological mapping
  • Securing of construction excavations, slope remediation
  • Rock mechanics and 3D rock slope engineering
  • Consolidation and settlement analysis of foundations, embankments and dams
  • Damage mapping and assessment
  • Rockfall studies
  • Mass balance analysis
  • Engineering of protection works

Geospatial software engineering

  • Web-based GIS-solutions
  • Portable solutions (smartphones, tablets)
  • Realtime IoT web applications
  • Tool development for data analysis

Robotics and sensor systems

  • Development of fixed wing and multicopter drone systems
  • IoT sensor systems
  • Data communication networks, low-power / long-range (LORA)
  • Visual tracking systems
  • Access control solutions